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Become an Idea Machine class starts July 12 July 19

Written By: dianaburrell - Jul• 02•10

I’ve decided to run my Become an Idea Machine class through the Renegade Writer site again this summer, starting on Monday, July 12 July 19.  You can sign up here, or through The Renegade Writer site.

In this class:

  • You’ll learn how to generate dozens, even hundreds of possible story ideas, starting on the very first day of class.
  • You’ll learn how to sift through your ideas to find the good ones, the stories that have potential to sell to editors, and you’ll learn how to refine and shape them into pitchable stories.
  • You’ll figure out how to target your ideas for the right markets.
  • You’ll never be at a loss when an editor asks if you have any more ideas for them.  You’ll have dozens of good ideas at the ready.

This three-week course costs $99 for the basic level (web-based class with no e-mail support) and $149 for the premium level, which includes e-mail support. I encourage nearly everyone to sign up for the premium level — not because I want to take more of your money, but because for an extra $50 I can work with you on your specific problems coming up with salable story ideas.

Who benefits the most from taking this class? Students who are extremely self-motivated and driven to sell their ideas to national outlets. If you’re at all a slacker, this isn’t the class for you because it’s a lot of work and expect you to put in a lot of effort shaping your ideas and finding homes for them, even with my help. Hey, I’m not going to come up with ideas for you — the point of the class is so that you can learn how to do this yourself. My students have gone on to sell ideas they’ve generated in my classes to publications like Parenting, Woman’s Day, Yankee, Discover, the New Scientist, and more.

So if you need a kick in the pants this summer, sign up for my class today!

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